The Peyton Society of Virginia The Peyton Society of Virginia

The Peyton Society of Virginia (PSV), in its present form, was established on May 16, 1971 and is the successor organization of the John Peyton Memorial Association which was founded on May 18, 1952. The PSV is one of the most active family organizations in America. An annual reunion and meeting is usually held on the third Sunday of each year at Aquia Church in Stafford County, Virginia. Peyton descendants and their spouses and children, including honorary and associate members are welcome to attend.

Our Society is dedicated to the memory of those brave men and women, our immigrant English ancestors, who left their homes in England in the 17th century, after the ravages of the long Civil Wars between the forces of Charles I and those under Oliver Cromwell, and who boarded small overcrowded sailboats and embarked on a perilous, rough sea voyage of over 3,000 miles to an unknown land, living for months on salt fish, hard tack, and stale keg water, without sanitary facilities of any kind on board, and in storms, existing as best they could between decks in space so narrow they could not stand upright. Nor did it raise their spirits or smooth ruffled tempers to sit idly in the sun in the mid-Atlantic for days during dead calms, waiting for the wind to blow them onward.

To all the courageous men and women, our immigrant English ancestors, we give our profound appreciation and our affection for their legacy to us of the high ideals of Christian faith and morals, perseverance in the face of extreme hardship and adversity, and dedication to duty, honesty, and hard work, which had developed slowly and not without strife and bloodshed in England over the space of a thousand years.